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Papers of Mrs Evelyn Dagmar Bogle. She was the wife of James Main Linton Bogle, Chief Engineer of the Lucknow Improvement Trust 1920-28.

Given by Mrs E. Ruhlmann (daughter).

Small Collections Box 4

  1. Memoir: ‘India in the 1920s’: Mrs Bogle lists the dozen or so servants considered necessary by the Europeans, from the bearer at the top to the lowly sweeper. Their various duties give interesting insights into how their houses were run and also into the European way of life.Lucknow was the seat of the government of the United Provinces and also a garrison town, which gave an added dimension to the busy social life. There was plenty of tennis, golf and shooting, and dances and dinner parties both official – at Government House – and private. In the hot weather (March to October) government and social life decamped to Naini Tal to continue in the cool of the hills.

    It was an enjoyable life but tinged with the heartbreak of separation from children or husband when the former were old enough to return to England for schooling. 6ff, xerox.

  2. TS printed copy of above
  3. TS printed copy of above
  4. 3. Brief biography of J.M.L. Bogle from Consultant Engineer, February 1961. 3pp.
  5. Newspaper cuttings:
    1. Review of J.M.L. Bogle, Town Planning in India, taken from Servant of India, 11.9.1929
    2. Review of J.M.L. Bogle, Town Planning in India, taken from The Hindu, 3.4.1929
    3. Unidentified review of J.M.L. Bogle, Town Planning in India, on United India and Indian States notepaper, dated 4.5.1929
    4. Cutting from Liverpool Post and Mercury, 17.6.1929, which refers to Bogle’s book
  6. Dust jacket for Bogle, Town planning in India

Book donationTown planning in India, James Main Linton Bogle. London: Oxford University Press, 1929. (Archive MISC. 159)