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Donated by Mrs Joyce Phillips

A collection of papers from a household in Bombay [Mumbai], c.1890-1910. Includes family account books, books of medical advice, papers of the Indo-British Institution.

  • 2 books of household accounts: one pocketbook showing accounts paid, one large volume of household expenditure, 1890-1893, 1908-1910.
  • 2 small volumes of flower pressings.
  • One leather-bound volume containing two portrait photographs.
  • Notebook containing a list of names with associated figures: possibly a register of people with their ages, but with no identifying details to signify which group this refers to.
  • MS: ‘A glimpse of the past greatness of Ceylon’. Hand-written history of ancient Ceylon [Sri Lanka], by H.J. Thomas, Colombo, October 1900.
  • The S.S. Pekin Trumpet, online newspaper-style publication from a voyage, n.d. (potentially 1889).
  • Indo-British Institution, 1883. Annual report and accounts for an educational institution, published in 1884.
  • Reference to a model of a tower of silence, Bombay, 1885. Reference work about Zoroastrian burial practices.
  • Medical hints for the districts, Bombay, 1872. Handbook of common complaints and their cures.
  • Programme for the eleventh Bombay choral festival, St Thomas’ Cathedral, Monday 29th September, 1884.
  • Forbes’ Hindustani manual, London, 1874.