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Sir Henry Twynam, K.C.S.I., C.S.I.

Given by Mrs. P. Hatchwell and Sir Arthur Dash

1809-78. London, 1893.

Box 1

  1. ‘Journey through Tibet’: diary written by Sir Henry Twynam, 5-15 October 1929, while marching from Darjeeling to Phari Dzong and back. Members of the party were Lady Twynam, and Sir Arthur and Lady Dash. TS 15 pp. (Given by Sir Arthur Dash.)
  2. ‘The Maharaja’s image – or a study of His Highness the late Maharaja of Cooch-Behar, Sir Jitendra Narayan Bhup Bahadur, K.I.S.I.’ Photocopied TS 51 pp. (Written after Sir Henry Twynam had been the Vice-President of the Cooch-Behar State Council, 1920-24).
  3. Note on Sir John Anderson, Viscount Waverley. 4 pp.

Microfilm No. 28

‘Golden years and times of stress: autobiography of Sir Henry Twynam.’ Covers years 1910-1946.