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Small Collections Box 11

Given by Major John Goddard

Originally in the possession of Captain S.G.M. Hickey A.V.C.

3rd Afghan War, 1919:

Copies of Daily intelligence summaries Nos. 1-5 from Headquarters, 12th Mounted Brigade, Sheikh Mandah, dated 9, 10, 12 and 13 May 1919.

Secret intelligence reports to officers from Baluchistan Force Headquarters, 17 July 1919 – 25 September 1919. Printed. (68 sheets) Nos. 70-97. Issued by Lt. Col. A.E. Scott, General Staff Baluchistan Force. Nos. 98-100. Issued by Captain J. Denys Drew, General Staff Baluchistan Force. Nos. 101-140. Issued by Major J.D.M. Flood, General Staff Baluchistan Force. (Nos. 129, 137 and 138 missing)