Farmer Papers

Papers of Bertram Hughes (Benny) Farmer. Lecturer in Geography, Cambridge University 1952; Reader 1967-83; Member, Land Commission, Ceylon 1955-58; Director, Cambridge University Centre of South Asian Studies 1964-83. The papers mostly cover government reports into agriculture and land reform in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in the 1940s and 1950s, and the proceedings of the Indo-British Geographical Seminar.

Box 1 – Report of the Land Commission, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) 1958 and memoranda related to its findings

Box 2 – Further memoranda relating to the Report of the Land Commission found in Box 1

Box 3 – Further memoranda; Notes and papers relating to land settlement and policy in Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

Box 4 – Statements and evidence given before the sittings of the Land Commission; Papers relating to the drafting of the Land Acquisition Amendment Bill.

Box 5 – Pamphlets, among others, from the Oxford Pamphlets in Indian Affairs series; Papers relating to the founding of the Cambridge South Asian Archive

Box 6 – Proceedings and papers of the Indo-British Seminar on Regional Development, 1972

Box 7 – Proceedings and papers of the second Indo-British Seminar on Regional Development, 1975

Box 8 – Proceedings and papers of the Indo-British Seminar on Regional Development Policies, 1979

Box 9 – Papers and programme of the Conference on South Asian Studies, Cambridge, 1968