Archive / Papers / Farmer Papers: Box 3


  1. Memorandum No. 225, Land Commissioner’s Memorandum.
  2. Memorandum No. 251, by T. Wickranasinghe (Soil Conservation Officer).
  3. Reports issued to Commissioners:
    • Department of Industries. Bulletin No. G1/102/S. ‘Small-scale sugar industry,’ December 1955.
    • ‘Some reflections on the Ceylon land question’, by Sir Hugh Clifford, Governor of Ceylon, 1927.
    • Introductory Paper by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 1953.
  4. Notes by Mr. Pelzer, 1955.
  5. Notes of discussion with Mr. Pelzer, 10 September 1955.
  6. Extract from ‘The agricultural colonization of the Zionist Organization in Palestine’, by Dr. A. Ruppin, 1925.
  7. ‘Appointment of a Commission to review Government’s policy regarding the alienation of Crown land.’
  8. Settlement problems on new agricultural lands in Ceylon.’
  9. ‘Administration problems relating to land distribution in Ceylon.’