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Given by R.C.C. Hunt

Madras 1939-1947.

  1. Innocents in India. A memoir of life in the ICS (Madras.) 1939-1947.
    • Ch. 1 Preliminary background to joining ICS in the 1930s. The change of attitude beginning. ICS training in Oxford. Arrival in Madras and a vivid description of first impressions, and initial arrangements. Assistant Collector, Trichalur District.
    • Ch.2. Wife arrives; goes on tour. Details of officials and other individuals met during the inspection and the methods. Nature of authority of the Raj, and the people it controlled.
    • Ch.3. The Collector and District Magistrate: a wedding: missionaries.
    • Ch.4. Transferred to Pudur as Collector & Joint Magistrate: description of the station: the Court and procedure: village violence: police: magisterial work and ICS training.
    • Ch.5. The Nilgiri Hills and Ootacamund and their inhabitants in war time (1941/2). Personal service in India, and general standard of living of an English Government officer and family. Daily life in the Hills. Badaga, processions & factional fighting. Troops on leave.
    • Ch. 6. Tea planters in the hills: incursion of Indian capital. His wife’s two months’ voyage home with two children during 1944.
    • Ch. 7. Virachi – Character of Indians and British. Education in India; Lord Wavell; building of a camp, occupied by first Indian Army battalion to have an Indian Commanding Officer. Changing work in districts 1944-45. Last case, corruption case over controlled foodstuffs recorded.
    • Ch.8. V.E. Day and reactions. Transfer to food control of the district – Leave. Train journeys in India.
    • Ch.9. Oxford 1945. Changing attitude and interest in India.
    • Ch.10. Return to India 1946: Madras – food control. Bombay Naval Mutiny and its results. Food shortage in Madras Province. Distribution problems. Adyar. Description of Madras architecture.
    • Ch.11. Independent India – Indianization of services – Meaning of Independence for Indian ICS. Extracts from diary May 1947 of voyage home.