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Lt. Col. Edward Lancelot Pawsey

  1. Bulletins of the Ceylon Fisheries. Vols. 1-4, 1923-27.
  2. Extracts from an account of the pearl fisheries and notes on Ceylon by James Steuart. Late Master Attendant at Colombo, Commissioner of the Loan Board, and Inspector of Pearl Banks. With notes by Captain Donnan. TS. n.d.
  3. The Commissioners for the Port of Calcutta. ‘Exhibited drawings for the construction, supply and delivery at the Port of Calcutta of one twin screw buoy lifting despatch vessel. Marine Department, September 1948.
  4. Sir Claude Inglis’ report on prospects of improving the navigability of the Hooghly, together with reports and comments by the Chairman, 1947.
  5. Ceylon Administration Reports: Marine Biology for 1915; 1917-28. Sessional Paper XV – 1926: Reports on the pearl fishery of 1925. Colombo 1926.
  6. Pearl fishery reports – miscellaneous 1854-96. TS.
  7. Pearl fisheries of Ceylon: reports 1867-1907. Colombo, Government Printer, 1868-1908.
  8. Pearl fishery diaries by Captains James Steuart and James Donnan, 1851-73. TS,
  9. Diary in the Ceylon Government S.S. Pearl commanded by James Donnan 1860-63; master attendant of Colombo and inspector of Pearl Banks, Ceylon 1863-1902. MS.
  10. Diary of Captain James Donnan. 1874-79. TS.
  11. Monthly reports Ceylon fisheries, October 1908-December 1911.
  12. Reports on the cultural work done on the Ceylon Pearl Banks and on the general improvements effected on the pearl fishery coast during the half year July-December 1911, by T. Southwell … and Lt. J.C. Kerkham. 1908-11.
  13. Notes supplied privately to Sir West Ridgeway on the history and progress of scientific work on the Ceylon Pearl Banks.
  14. Report on a nautical and biological survey of Dutch Bay Ceylon by Captain J.C. Kerkham … and T. Southwell … 1908.
  15. Summaries of wages and expenditure .., various boats …. n.d.
  16. File entitled: ‘Pearl fisheries of Ceylon’ containing miscellaneous papers on fishing and technical equipment; oysters and oyster-beds; pearl-banks; charts; maps etc., covering the years l828-1935.
  17. ‘Fishery research in tropical waters’, by E.L. Pawsey. TS, n.d. 8 pp.
  18. Ceylon Administration Reports: Marine Biology for 1923-1929; reports on the pearl fishery of 1925; administration report of the Director of the Colombo Museum for 1929.
  19. Inspection of Pearl Banks 1935. TS. 22 pp. (numbering with gaps.)
  20. Current observations: Inspection of Pearl Banks. Trawler Nautilus. 19 January-March 1932. 10 pp. TS. bound.
  21. Ceylon Pearl Bank Inspection. 1932. Trawler Nautilus. 22 pp. TS. bound.
  22. Government of Orissa. Report on the development of a deep mater port at Paradeep. By Messrs. Rendel Palmer and Tritton, Consulting Engineers. June 1962.
  23. Paradeep. Specifications, correspondence and comments by Mr. E.L. Pawsey on the development of a deep water port at Paradeep 1963-64.
  24. Chittagong papers.
  25. Papers referring to Calcutta Port Commission, August 1945.
  26. History of the Port of Calcutta – Deputy Conservator’s Department. (Large tin file.)
  27. River Hooghly Manual. 1949. Section 1. Extracts from acts, rules and regulations.
  28. General routine orders by Lt. Gen. J.L. van Deventer, K.C.B., 6 May 1918.
  29. Extracts from Hauptmann Koehl’s war diary, August 1918.
  30. Four rolls of maps, diagrams and charts.
  31. Photograph album S.S. Nautilus 1925-29. (Pearl fishing).