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Colonel Sir Thomas Hungerford Holdich, K.C.M.G. (Afghan Boundary Commission and Supt. Frontier Surveys, India; 1892-1898): Major N. Holdich

India general: 1843-1918

  1. Xerox copy of TS memoir of Colonel Sir Thomas Holdich: ‘Life Story’.
  2. An account of his life as a military surveyor which took him to many parts of the world, and in India to Rajputana, Bhutan, Central India, Central Provinces, the N.W.F.P., Waziristan, Baluchistan and Kashmir. 92pp.
  3. TS extract from the memoir of Major N. Holdich (grandson) written 1979-80. Memories of life of an army officer mainly in Poona, 1934-40. 8pp.