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Mrs. W.G. Waterfield

Given by Mrs. Rankin

Diaries and journals written by Mrs. W.G. Waterfield:

  • Journal kept 12-19 December 1903 while on tour in Sholapur District.
  • Journal kept of part of her mother’s visit to India April-December 1906: Khandesh, and Satpura mountains; goes on tour with husband, mother and baby; Bhils; very vivid description of country, people, and domestic side of touring.
  • Journal dated January 1912: an account of a journey from Honavar to the Gersoppa Falls.
  • MS diary kept while travelling to India in World War I by E.H. Waterfield, L C.S., 31 March – 25 April 1916. MS 27 pp.
  • Notebook in Mrs. Waterfield’s handwriting of flora and fauna observed in Khandesh.