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Microfilm No. 18

  • Notes on the Frontier Corps of Scouts/Militia.
  • Some brief notes on the Civil Armed Forces in reply to T.D.F.’s letter of 10 July. Dated London 20 July 1968.
  • A personal note: his family background – to India in 1933 – joins the Frontier Force Regiment – in 1938 joined the South Waziristan Scouts – his appointments during the war – on Independence – is in Command of the Zhob Militia – retires in 1950.
  • The Zhob Militia: historical details of the Militia beginning from its foundation in 1889 – details of changes since Independence.
  • The officers: system of obtaining officers – details of conditions of service – methods of selection and the different types of man.
  • The officers, why?: reasons for men joining the Scouts.
  • The equipment: all stores except arms bought in the open market – equipment carried by the men – supply of food etc.
  • Mekran & Chagi Levy Corps: the race, language etc. of the men.
  • The personal characteristics required of a Scouts Officer.
  • Common characteristics of Scouts Officers.
  • Some further notes on Scouts, dated 10 September 1968.
  • Tribal composition: details of tribes used in the different units of Scouts, and the changes brought about by the war of 1939-47 – table showing the different tribes enlisted 1939-47.
  • Promotion systems: refers to systems used for ‘other ranks’ in the different units – tribal basis – passing courses etc.
  • Some further notes on Scouts, dated 21 September 1958.
  • Why did Scouts enlist?
  • The Scout’s Officer: Why was he mistrusted?
  • Why is there no history of Scouts?

Microfilm No. 19

  • Given Anonymously. Dated 1 October 1968. ‘The Scouts’. Some further notes on the officers.