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Given by Mr. and Mrs. T. McDonald

Waziristan, Baluchistan, Bihar and Orissa 1910-1939

  1. A brief autobiographical memoir in two parts written by Gordon Hay Anderson, (father of Mrs. McDonald). In the first, he notes the outstanding incidents that occurred amongst the tribes of Waziristan and Zhob, where he served as Political Officer, c. 1906. The second part is devoted to his time in Rajputana and Central India as Assistant, c. 1910-13, to the A.G.G. and later, in 1923, as Resident in Jaipur. Numerous anecdotes and shikar experiences. (No dates are given).
  2. A short detailed autobiography by Mr. T. McDonald on his life with the Purtabpore Sugar Company in Patna from 1928. He describes his first impressions as a young man of 19 and goes on to give an account of the life and work on the Sugar Company’s Estates.
  3. TS paper (4pp) written by Mr. B. Herbert who was mining copper in Chota Nagpur.
  4. Memories of a small British mining and smelting community in the Singhbhum district of Chota Nagpur, South Bihar State from 1931-1939.
  5. Working conditions; the mine; the river (Subarnarakha R.); the Auxiliary Force; the first labour strike; a brief note on prewar and postwar politics.