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Given by J.W. Collins.

Assam 1901 – 1958.

Papers on the air lift scheme on the North Bank of the Brahmaputra River in Assam, promoted by J.W. Collins, Manager of Jamirah Tea Estate, a Division of the Jokai (Assam) Tea Co. Ltd.


File I

  1. TS copy. 16 pp. A history of the Jokai Air Scheme ? 1947-58. A history of an air lift scheme operating on the North Bank of the Brahmaputra amongst the tea-plantations of Assam. North Bank plantations were very isolated and the air-lift was used for medical reasons, as well as for freight and to avoid the 2 – 8 days journey from Dibrugarh by other means. Begun by Mr. J .W. Collins as a private venture, it eventually became a Company venture.
  2. Some notes for improving the efficient working of gardens. Submitted to Secretaries, Jokai (Assam) Tea Co. Ltd., in April 1947: a report by J.W. Collins. 3pp.
  3. Full economic use of labour (as a result of new methods of pruning and cultivation).
    • Growing green crops on all high areas.
    • Growing food crops.
    • Firewood and timber, thatch and bamboos.
    • Line and building repairs.
    • Manuring under shade.
    • Shade.
    • General survey of the variable output of gardens.
    • Intention of buying a light aeroplane which will be of use.
  4. TS copy of Aircraft News: November 1950. 3pp. Article on: The value of Light Aircraft, proved in Assam. Describes Mr. Collins’ purchase of the Auster, his journey to Assam, and an extract from the 1950 Annual Rerort of the Jokai (Assam) Tea Co., Ltd., September 1950. This also describes a trip to the Apa Tanis made by Mr. Collins and the Political Officer. See also Cine films.
  5. Correspondence etc., between J.W. Collins, the Directors and various officials of the Jokai Tea Company about the use of light aircraft between their tea plantations north and south of the Brahmaputra River, Assam, and relating to Item 1, the history of the Jokai Air Scheme.
  6. Correspondence regarding Mr. Collins’ retirement from the Joyhing Division of the Jokai (Assam) Tea Co. Ltd.
  7. 20. & 21. Correspondence regarding the acute necessity on medical reasons for a hospital on the North Bank, or a permanent aircraft. Includes a report on medical and other facilities available at the Joyhing Tea Estate in June 1957.
  8. Copy of Aircraft News November 1950 published by Auster Aircraft Limited, Leicester, containing an article on the value of the Auster Aircraft in Assam, and the use made of it in the Joyhing Tea Estate, and during the trip to the Apa Tani plateau. Illustrated. by photographs.

File II

  1. Correspondence about air accident in October 1952 to J.W. Collins’ Aiglet aircraft in attempting to take off near the scene of a crashed Indian Air Force plane which Mr. Collins went to help. 1952-53.
  2. Correspondence about purchase of a new aircraft, 1956.
  3. Printed pamphlet by Jokai (Assam) Tea Co. Ltd., Jokai Air Scheme, notes for pilots and airfield manager, 1951. 9pp.
  4. Letter from R.C. Reynolds, Sealkotee Tea Estate, Chabua P.O. Upper Assam to the Editor of The Statesman, Calcutta about the evacuation of the marooned tribesmen at Nizam Ghat, 13 July 1951.
  5. Log of flight from Lympne – Janwiah Tea Estate, 14 November – 5 December, 1947.
  6. Correspondence about purchase of, and flying arrangements for, aircraft for the Jokai Air Scheme.
  7. Correspondence relating to air accident, insurance claims, salvage etc.
  8. Letter and copy from Mr. Collins in England to Alex Lawrie & Co. Ltd., about Company Air Services. 9 June 1950. 3pp.
  9. 2 copies of Duties of a Superintendent.
  10. Reply from J.F.E. Stewart to J.W. Collins’ London office of Jokai Tea Co. about Company Aircraft. 5 October 1950.
  11. Letter from J.W. Collins about Company Aircraft. 3 October 1950.
  12. Correspondence relating to the control, supervision and maintenance of aircraft and personnel in the Jokai Air Scheme, 1950-1953.
  13. Correspondence regarding further benefits related to the Air Scheme. January – March 1954.
  14. Correspondence relating to Mr. J.W. Collins’ retirement from the Jokai Tea Co. 1957.

File III

Papers relating to River bank conservation and re-afforestation.

  1. Letter from J.W. Collins to Sri D.C. Kaith, Department of Anti-Soil Erosion and Flood Control 27 August 1957 about erosion on the East and West Banks of the Ranganuddy.
  2. Sri D.C. Kaith’s reply.
  3. Reply 19 September 1957 to the copy of Collins’ letter sent to the Flood Control and Irrigation Wing, P.W.D.
  4. From J.W.C. to the Soil Conservation Officer, Dehra Dun about reeds for building river bank.
  5. Newspaper cutting describing erosion ravage in Assam. No date, no title.
  6. TS note on river protection, Ranganuddy by J.W.C. 1952.
  7. Proposal for the preservation of the Ranganuddy River Banks incorporating the temporary settlement of the area between the Ranganuddy and the Deckiajulie – 1956. 5pp and sketchmap.
  8. Letter from the Conservator of Forests, Assam, to J.W.C. 19 February 1954, and J.W.C.’s reply.
  9. Letter from J.W.C. to the Deputy Minister, Labour, Sri Purnananda Chetia, Assam, on erosion. 8 March 1955. 3pp.
  10. Two letters from J.W.C. to C.D. Wilson of the Jokai (Assam) Tea Co. Ltd., in Calcutta, on Ranganuddy erosion: Joyhing and Koilamari – 5 and 8 November 1956. 4pp.
  11. Survey of India 1932: sheet No.83 Dibrugarh. Scale 1,014 ins. to 16 miles.

Papers on personal work with villagers and garden staff and labour.

  1. Letter from the PRO U.N. after visit to Dibrugarh. 7 February 1951.
  2. 4 letters relating to an incident of rudeness from a member of the Dibrugarh Fishery Co-op Soc. Ltd. December 1950.
  3. An address of welcome to J.W.C. from the ryots of Jamirah and Larna Manzas, 16 February 1939.
  4. Letter of congratulation on M.B.E. from Sir Robert Reid. 8 January 1946.
  5. Letter of thanks from H.J. Bourne. 6 July 1946.
  6. 2 copies of farewell address to J.W.C. on becoming Superintendent of the Jokai Tea Co. from the Jamirah Garden Staff. 31 December 1951.
  7. Citation for M.B.E. from Governor’s Camp, Assam.
  8. Letter awarding M.B.E.
  9. Newspaper cutting about J.W.C.’s flight from England to Assam.
  10. Message from Lord Linlithgow to members of the I.T.A. and the labourers in the gardens in their work in assisting refugees, and the military in the evacuation of Burma. 15 December 1942.
  11. J.W. Collins’: Record of work for Jokai and Doolahat Cos. 1921-1956. Detailed account of his cultivation methods in various tea gardens. 4pp.
  12. Table of London sale averages to 27 July 1957.
  13. 2 Christmas cards from Jt. S. Chou.1947 and n.d.
  14. Framed address printed on silk to J.W. Collins from the employees of Joyhing and Koilamari Divisions on his departure from Joyhing Tea Estate in 1956.