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Colonel. A. Guthrie, R.E.

Given by Mrs. B. M. Edwards.

  1. Booklet: ‘Opening of Surge Shaft Heading by H.E. the Governor of the Punjab, February 18th, 1931’. Programme and speeches, together with a history of the Mandi Hydro-Electric Scheme. 24pp., photographs.
  2. Booklet: ‘Uhl River Hydro-Electric Project’. Opening of main tunnels by the Governor of the Punjab, Sir Geoffrey de Montmorency. Programme and speech by the Chief Engineer. 12 pp.
  3. Xerox copies of 3 letters of congratulation June and July 1921 to Lt A. Guthrie on his work on the Sutlej Hydro-Electric Project. 4 pp.
  4. Xerox copy of curriculum vitae of Colonel A. Guthrie, R.E. 2 pp.
  5. Xerox copy of employment sheet (R.E. Officers) of A. Guthrie. 2 pp.
  6. File: a. TS. ‘Copy of provisional specification of Alec Guthrie … for improvements in or relating to clamping means for sporting appliances such as skis’. 1 October 1931. 14 pp. 3 drawings. b. TS. ‘Scheme for getting tanks across a water obstacle’, suggested by Major A. Guthrie, R.E. … 4 November 1940. 3 pp. drawing. c. TS. Technical instruction No.2 Quarries. 5 pp. and drawing.