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H.E. Newnham, C.C.S., C.M.G.

Small Collections Box 18

Report on food shortages in Ceylon [Sri Lanka], 1935; papers relating to the work of Walter T. Stace; comments on assorted books about Ceylon.

  1. ‘Report on the relief of distress due to sickness and shortage of food, September 1934 to December 1935’, by H.E. Newnham. Colombo, Ceylon Government Press, 1936. Sessional Paper V.
  2. Cutting from The Times showing the unveiling of the memorial to the Colonial Service, March 1966.
  3. Cutting from The Ceylon Observer, 12 May 1963, of an article by R.L. Brohier on ‘Law – in the last days of the Sinhalese kings.’
  4. Article from the Bulletin of the European Association of Ceylon, July 1951 on ‘Just gun licences’ by H.E. Newnham.
  5. Letter to Professor Ludowyk, 5 November 1962, from W.T. Stace; contains criticisms of Ludowyk’s book Story of Ceylon. TS 3 pp.
  6. Letter to Mr. Smith, 8 January 1965, from H.E. Newnham, concerning W.T. Stace.
  7. Cutting from the New York Times, August 1967 – obituary of Dr. Walter T. Stace.
  8. Three letters from Professor E.F.C. Ludowyk, 25 January, 31 January and 8 February 1965, on Ceylon. TS.
  9. Letter to Mr. Hulugalle from H.E. Newnham, 9 June 1965, enclosing notes on Hulugalle’s book British Governors of Ceylon. TS 10 pp.