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J.W. Rundall and Captain F.M. Rundall, D.S.O., 1st 4th Gurkhas

Lent by Mr. M. Rundall

Burma – voyage 1831. 1890-1891.

Xerox copies

  1. Foreword and notes, by Col., F.M. Rundall, nephew of J.W. Rundall. 5pp. Narrative of a voyage to India in the ship ‘Mary Ann’ commanded by Captain Hornblow (September – 29 December 1831) by John William, Rundall. 62pp.
  2. Printed diary of the Political Officer, Northern Chin Hills, 1 January – 24 April 1890 – P.O. B.S. Carey. Diary of the Officiating Political Officer, Northern Chin Hills, 22 July – 2. August 1890. P.O. L.N. Szezepanski (Officer Commanding = Captain F.M. Rundall).
  3. Diary and Report of Captain F.M. Rundall, lst Batt. 4th Gurkhas, Officiating Political Officer, Northern Chin Hills. 26 July 1890 – April 1.891. Written Bakloh, Punjab 1891. 109pp.
  4. Song: ‘Regimental Officers’ words and music by Major F.M. Rundall. 4pp.
  5. Song: ‘The Lord of the Jungles’, by Major P.M. Rundall (1-4th Gurkha Rifles).
  6. Waltz: ‘Memories of Rajputana’, by Major P.M. Rundall. MS music for all parts for the 1-4th Gurkha Rifles Band and conductor. 82 sheets.