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J.P. Mills, I.C.S., C.I.E.

Given by Mrs. J.P. Mills

Assam, N.E. Frontier of India: 1930-1948

Letters from a Deputy Commissioner on the N.E. Frontier of India to his wife (edited by Mrs Mills):

  1. November 13th, 1936 – December 13th, 1936: The letters concern an expedition to the far north east of Indian Frontier on borders of Burma and Tibet, to punish tribesmen who were taking slaves from neighbouring tribes and were also head hunting. 52pp.
  2. Mrs. J.P. Mills’ Memoir written 1981-1982. Describes life from 1930-43 of I.C.S. officer and wife in headquarters (Kohima) and on tour before World War II. Account of voyage from England to India with children in war time and description of life of ex-patriates in Assam during war. 52pp. Appendix post 1945.

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