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J.H. Hutton, C.I.E.

Given by Mrs. M.M. Hutton

Microfilm No. 47A

  1. Tour diaries of Hutton, Naga Hills District Assam, April 1917 – December 1923; also tour diary of Keith Cantlie, November 1919 and May 1920.
  2. Tour diaries of Hutton, Naga Hills, Assam; also some notes on the Naga Hills District and the Nagas of Phelungre; May 1925; August 1929.
  3. Tour diaries of Hutton, Naga Hills, Assam, May 1934; June 1936; letters to Hutton from Charles Ridley Pawsey (Assistant Commissioner Assam, 1919-32) June 1923; May 1930.

Microfilm No. 47B

  1. Tour diary of James Phillip Mills, Officiating Deputy Commissioner Assam, March 1927; Mills’ notes on the village of Semkhor March 1922; TS histories of the family of Bohmong and the Chittagong Hill tracts, by Mills.
  2. TS account of the siege of Kohima in 1879, by Mrs. Cawley. c. 1880.
  3. Translation of a document in Assamese dated 1896, concerning the Naga Tribes. 1924.
  4. Speech made by Professor S.K. Bhuyan in proposing Hutton to the chair on the thirteenth anniversary of the Assam Research Society, October 1925.
  5. Letters addressed to Hutton; correspondents include J.P Mills, C.R. Pawsey, E.T.D. Lambert and Henry Balfour (Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford); also some notes made by J.H. Hutton. 1919-1935.
  6. ‘Anthropology as an imperial study’, a lecture given by Hutton, February 1938.
  7. TS account of the effects of Western contacts upon the primitive tribes of India, by J.H. Hutton. (A contribution to Modern India and the West edited by L.S.S. O’Malley, London 1941.)
  8. TS account by Hutton of the possible effect on the primitive tribes of India of the proposals made by the Simon Comm Commission 1927-30. c. 1930.
  9. Material. relating to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, including a translation of an anthropological report on the tribes of the Andamans by Dr. Egon Freiheer von Eickstedt, German Indian Expedition. 1930.
  10. File of material on the Kuki-Lushai tribes.
  11. Printed material:
  12. ‘Report on the survey operations in the Naga Hills, 1875-76’, by Lt. R.E. Woodthorpe, R.E. Shillong, 1876.
  13. ‘The Lushais 1873-89’. Shillong, 1889.
  14. Military report on Presidency and Assam District. Vol. III. Southern Frontier Tracts. General Staff, India 1929. (Simla, Government Press, 1930.)
  15. Government of Assam. Appointment and Political Department. Government letters and reports. 1931. TS.
  16. Tribal map of India, Department of Anthropology, Government of India. May 1956. Boundaries and geographical features … reproduced from survey of India’s ’40 mile map of India’, second edition (1952). Scale – 1 inch to 80 miles.
  17. Coloured print of ‘The palace of the King of Delhi’, drawn by T. Sutherland. Published by R. Ackerman. London, 1824. (Plate XII).

See also PAWSEY, C. for references to J.E. Hutton.