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Given by Mr & Mrs Charles J. Wilson and Miss Wilson

Two diaries of Margaret Campbell Hannay. The first, January-March 1829, was written on a march from Mysoorie to Mhow, U.P. when she accompanied her husband, Lieutenant Simon Fraser Hannay, Fiftieth Regiment Native Infantry. The second journal was written at Suduja, Upper Assam between 18 August and 26 September 1839 when it ends abruptly.

The 1829 diary is a detailed account of life in the march written as an extended letter for her mother. There are descriptions of towns, monuments (including the Taj Mahal at Agra), native dress and the countryside through which she traveled, carried by eight bearers, in a palanquin. There is also an account of the Tugs (Thugs) who infest the area, and their practices.

The second journal describes life at Suduja (Sudiya) in Upper Assam. Margaret Campbell is already ill but she manages to run a school, sew and read, mostly religious works. The final entry was written at Gowahatty only two weeks before her death. There is a final single entry – 17 June 1841 at Gowhattie (Gauhati). Margaret Hannay died 4 July 1841 and is buried at Gauhati. (Major Hannay was then Commandant First Assam Light Infantry, stationed at Jaipure (Jaipur) Upper Assam). 2 volumes. 69 ff. and 22 ff. Also typescript copy. 78 ff.