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Given by Dr J.M. Gullick

United Sua Betong: the history of the United Sua Betong Estates in Malaya 1909-1959. By Professor C Northcote Parkinson, Raffles Professor of History, University of Malaya, Singapore 1950-58.

The United Sua Betong Rubber Estates Company Ltd was established in Malaya in 1909 at the height of the rubber booms of the early twentieth century. From small beginnings the Company, whose plantations were located in the state of Selangor, became the industry leader with nearly 36,000 acres of rubber trees in 1955 and substantial tea and palm-oil interests.

In the 1950s Professor C. Northcote Parkinson was commissioned to write the history of United Sua Betong for its fiftieth anniversary. The manuscript he produced did not meet with the approval of the Board of Directors and was not published at that time. In 1997 an edited and abridged version, prepared by Dr J.M. Gullick, was published by the Malaysian branch of the Royal Asiatic Society as its monograph no.26. The photocopy which is held in the Cambridge South Asian Arichive is the complete text of Professor Parkinson’s history. The nature of the abridgement made in the published version is explained in Dr Gullick’s preface to that version, pp. vii to ix.

Xerox copies. 171pp.