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The Rev. John R. Mott

Given by his daughter Irene Mott Bose (see also Bose Papers)

India general 295pp.

John R. Mott 1865-1955

American Missionary and world traveller, committed to worldwide ecumenical and Student Christian Movements. Worked closely with Y.M.C.A., World Student Christian Federation, International Missionary Council and Agricultural Missions Incorporated.

  1. File containing: family letters:
    1. Excerpts of letters (copies) from John R. Mott to his daughter, Irene 1934-1952.
    2. Excerpts of letters (copies) from Mrs. J.R. Mott to her daughter Irene.
    3. Correspondence concerning John R. Mott biography project and reminiscences about him.
  2. File containing advice and details for travelling to England by car from India:
    1. Various letters of advice and instruction concerning an overland trip by private car from India to England.
    2. ‘India to England by Car’ by E.W.H. Clarke. A detailed account in TS and longhand of a journey in 1935 starting in Nagpur.
  3. File containing circular letters written by John L. Mott (son of John R. Mott) in 1957 from Turkey, Iran and India.