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(D.E. Augier, I.C.S. Opium Department)

Given by Mrs A. Jones

  1. TS paper Neemuch – 1634 feet above sea level. 10pp.
  2. Copy of above. 9pp.
  3. TS Brief accounts of Ameer Khan, the founder of Tonk State. 4pp.
  4. 2pp of TS notes on Rajputana.
  5. TS paper. Appendix A. The history of the murder of Major Neill at Augur in 1887. 7pp.
  6. TS The Murder of Neill. Extract from King George’s Own Central Indian Force by Major General W.A. Watson. lp.
  7. TS Mutiny at Nasirabad 28 May 1857,
  8. TS Monumental ignoranceAn essay in Anglo-Indian Biography. From The Pioneer 20 January 1908. 17pp.
  9. List of inscriptions on tombs or monuments in Rajputana and Central India, with biogrpahical notes compiled with an historical introduction, by O.S. Crofton (Delhi, Government Press, 1934) 226 pp.
  10. Contemporary newspaper accounts of events during the Mutiny in Central India, 1857/1858, collected by Major CE Luard, M.A., I.A. Allahabad. Printed by Ram Nath Bhargava, B.A. at the Standard Press, 1912. TS 68 pp.
  11. Gazetteer gleanings in Central india, by Captain C.E. Luard (Superintendent of Gazetteer in Central India). Reprinted from the Indian Actuary (Bombay, British India Pess, 1908)