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Papers of Catherine Ann Stock. Lucknow, Naini Tal, Multan. 1854-70.

Given by Mrs E. Saint.

  1. Introduction (plus photo and family tree), by Mrs. Elisabeth Saint, to Catherine Ann (Stock), wife of Captain Alfred Simons and later of Captain Hector Munro. 3pp.
  2. Typed transcripts:

  3. Letters from Catherine Simons to her family in England.
    They begin with her outward journey to India in 1854 when she and her husband, a Captain in the Bengal Artillery, were travelling together. Subsequent letters written during the Mutiny tell of her enforced sojourn in Naini Tal with their two children and of her husband’s death while helping to defend the Residency in the Siege of Lucknow. 34pp.
  4. Extract of Brigadier Inglis’ report on Captain Alfred Simons’ courage during the Siege. 1pp.
  5. Letters of 1867-68 tell of domestic life in Multan with her second husband, Captain Hector Munro of the Royal Artillery, and their four small children. 9pp.
  6. Extract from a letter of General William Munro (brother of Hector Munro) concerning his wounding at the Battle of Maharajpore of 1843, to his father in England. 2pp.
  7. Correspondence between Hector Munro and his uncles on financial matters. 4pp.
  8. Letters from Hector Munro in Multan to his sister Janet in England, during 1868-69, are concerned with family and domestic news and his ill health. 10pp.
  9. Letter from Lieutenant George Simpson to General William Munro, January 1870, tells him of his brother Hector’s death. 2pp.