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Small Collections Box 15

Given by Brigadier I.D. Loch

Collection of letters to Major General Stewart Loch

  1. From the Commander-in-Chief in India, Field Marshal Lord Birdwood, 4 November 1925, C. in C’s Camp. Congratulations on promotion to Mayor General.
  2. 22 December 1925 Delhi. Has opened Khyber Railway and inspected cantonments round Peshawar. Hopes to inspect in C. India before Legislative Council.
  3. 27 January 1927 C. in C’s Camp, India (Lucknow). Refers to Brigadier Loch’s son shortly coming out. Marched 250 miles along Burma-China frontier.
  4. 14 April 1929 C. in C’s Camp, India (Khyber). Regarding the future prospects for Captain Clive of the 47th Sikhs.
  5. a. 28 May 1929 Simla. Further on Clive’s future: possibility of Military Accounts Department. Mentions getting Contract Budget out of Finance Department, and benefit to army in being prepared for war. Comments on attitude of politicians and Swarajists. Comments Afghan situation.
    b. Envelope.
  6. From Office of the Commandant Q.V.O. Madras Sappers and Miners to Major General Loch as Colonel of. the Regiment, 1 April 1938 offering a present of a small bronze statuette of a Madras Sapper as token of interest and help.
  7. From Major P.A.. Tucker, 4 December 1939. Acknowledging letter of thanks with the Corps Orders containing Major General Lochs message to Regiment.
    From Maharaja of Mysore: Acknowledgements and congratulations.
  8. From Chief Engineer, Northern Command, Murree, 8 June 1941, telling Major General Loch that his son has served under him. Mentions Sanders Soldiers’ Home at Topa.
  9. Photograph with identification. plan of H.Q. Staff Group (77) Lord Kitchener, central figure, flanked by Major Gen. Sir A.A. Barrett and Lt. General Sir Beauchamp Duff. Captain G.G. Loch included. Taken by Bourne & Shepherd, Simla.

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