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Mr E.L. Turner

Small Collections Box 23

Indian printing industry, civilian life in India, 1920-49.

  1. 9pp. Memoir of his life in Bombay
  2. 24pp. Transcript of audio tape, made with Raj Chandavarkar in 1982, mainly about life in the printing industry in India.
  3. 1pp. Extract from letter to The Centre clarifying some points arising from the tape.
  4. 1pp. Extract from letter to The Centre introducing additional material and explaining the complacency towards the future of the British Raj.
  5. 1pp. Sir Frederick Stone
  6. 1pp. The Bombay Light Motor Patrol; 1921-29
  7. 5pp. More on the printing industry, Bombay; 1920-45 (The Times of India Printing Works)