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Box 1:

Born in 1899, Leonard Crosfield studied at Oxford before joining the Oxford and Bucks. Light Infantry for service in Northern France in 1918. After the war he joined the Burmah Oil Company, for whom he worked until his retirement in 1949 having achieved the position of Manager, Burmah Oil Co. (India Concessions) Ltd. in Karachi, where he served during Partition. During his time with the BOC he served throughout Burma and, after 1941, in North India and Calcutta. He retired to Britain (via a visit to South Africa) in 1949, where he lived until his death in 1987.

  1. Memoir: Yoma Crosfield Ullman, ‘A memoir of a childhood in India’, np, 1999, 79pp
  2. Memoir: Margaret Eileeen Crosfield, ‘Reminiscences of Margaret Eileen Crosfield (nee Daniel), dictated on July 14, 17 and 18, 1982’, transcribed by Yoma Crosfield Ullman, np, 1982, 75 pp.
  3. Xerox copy of letter, 17.8.1947, from LMC giving an account of his experiences during the handover of power in Pakistan.
  4. Xerox copy of undated letter from MEC to ‘Mums and Pops’ giving an account of experiences during the handover of power in Pakistan.