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Mrs. Carol Hyde, wife of Edgar Hyde, I.C.S. – q.v. 169pp.

Central Provinces: 1932-1933

Xerox copy of letters from Carol Hyde to her parents in England written in the first months after her arrival in India as a young bride. The letters tell of her and her husband’s overland journey by car from Bombay to Raipur; their move to the smaller station of Seoni where she was ‘first lady’; of cold weather camps; of a visit to Govt. House Nagpur when Sir Montague Butler was Governor; of a visit by the Viceroy and Lady Willingdon to Rajkumar College, Raipur; and visits to the hill station of Pachmari.

Account of the life of a young Memsahib to whom everything in India seems new and exciting. Insects, protocol at dinner parties, rajahs and villagers, bustees and shooting trips all have their place in these letters.