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Mrs. Carol Hyde, wife of Edgar Hyde, I.C.S. – q.v. 169pp.

Central Provinces: 1932-1933

Xerox copy of letters from Carol Hyde to her parents in England written in the first months after her arrival in India as a young bride. The letters tell of her and her husband’s overland journey by car from Bombay to Raipur; their move to the smaller station of Seoni where she was ‘first lady’; of cold weather camps; of a visit to Govt. House Nagpur when Sir Montague Butler was Governor; of a visit by the Viceroy and Lady Willingdon to Rajkumar College, Raipur; and visits to the hill station of Pachmari.
A fresh and ingenuous account of the life of a young Memsahib to whom everything in India seems new and exciting. Insects, protocol at dinner parties, rajahs and villagers, bustees and shooting trips all have their place in these vivid letters.