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Thomas Dale

Given by W.P. Dale

Small Collections Box 8

  1. Xerox copies of two letters from Thomas Dale to his brother, from Madras:
    • 6 October 1809, from Cuddalore, mentions disturbances.
    • 17 May 1813, from Ban da Neira, mentions he was Resident of Poolo Ayr (sic); then in charge of the H.E.I.C.’s Imports Warehouse (held together with his Corps); everything very expensive; unhealthy place.
  2. TS précis of letters, 1807-22, from various places.
  3. TS copy of letter dated 1807, off Portsmouth.
  4. TS copy of letter 9 January 1809, Cuddalore.
  5. TS copy of letter 1822, Masulipatam.