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Microfilm No. 75a and 75b

  1. Diary/notebook kept while touring India for I.C.I. investigating manufacturing possibilities, sites for factories, supply of raw materials etc. 1929-1933. 189pp. Notes on meteorology; brine; salt; limestone; water; D.B.O. disposal; land; coal and coke; labour and staff; railways and transport; Attock Oil Co., Rawalpindi.
  2. 165 letters from R.A. Banks written home, 1929-1932: initial survey over very wide area 1929-31 (Letters 9-64); return to India from leave November 1931, to settle site for alkali factory. Choice of site at Khewra on Salt Range – protracted negotiations. Visits other parts of India – comments more on individuals and I.C.I. and I.C.S. structures.
  3. (a) Envelope with eight unnamed photographs.
    (b) Envelope containing 13 empty envelopes with stamps
  4. 36 letters written in 1932 from R.A. Banks’ sister Margaret, who travelled with him the second tour, and visited Bombay, Calcutta, Ahmednagar and Kashmir. A picture of the social life of a young girl in 1932.
  5. Telegram and two miscellaneous letters.