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Papers of Major Trevor Chichele Plowden, Indian Army. Commissioned 1889; appointed D.C. in the Central Provinces and Berar in 1894 serving in various Districts; member of the Chin Lushai expedition 1902.

Given by Mr B. Sharp.

One volume containing a diary, dated 6 April – 22 July, 1892 and a record of accounts dating from November 1894 to March 1905, both kept by Major T.C. Plowden:

  • The diary, begun at Fort William Calcutta, describes British social life of the time: polo, club, billiards, dining with friends, amateur dramatics.
  • Ordered to Chittagong Hill Tracts, along with two or three other officers and Indian soldiers under them, to keep the peace and repulse invaders.
  • Description of desultory life at Demagiri in appalling climate. Military duties not rigorous, but humid weather, ill health and featureless days make up a sorry picture. Arrival of dak boat the chief excitement.
  • While in Demagiri Major Plowden acted as correspondent to The Pioneer. He derided it as ‘an organ of government’ when the editor did not agree that trouble in the Chittagong Hill Tracts was ‘very serious’.