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Given by Lady Champion

U.P. Punjab. 1925 – 1939

  • Xerox copies of Letters written by Mrs. Cunliffe Parsons, Lady Champion’s mother when she visited her daughter in the U.P. January-June 1932. Lady Champion’s husband was (Sir) Harry Champion, at that time Deputy Conservator of Forests, U.P.
  • 5 letters from Lady Champion’s mother, Mrs. Cunliffe Parsons, wife of Lt. Gen. C. McN. Parsons, R.M.L.I. from the Forest House Dehra Dun inc. graphic description of crossing Ganges on an elephant. 1932.
  • Xerox TS extracts from 5 letters written by Lady Champion to her mother in England from the U.P. December 1925-26.
  • 27.12.25 Chilla. Landsdowne Div. U.P. Journey to Rikhikesh. A Christmas Camp. Crossing the Ganges on sarnais. Excellent description of countryside. Dehra Dun. Hardwar. Mussoorie, Rajpur. Sketch of river crossing.
  • 26. 1.26. The Chestnuts, Chandbagh, Dehra Dun. Description of social life.
  • 4. 2.26. Wedding. Dehra Week: social events.
  • 9. 2.26. Same as above.
  • 20. 4.26. Daliar Plantation, Nr. Lahore, Punjab. First Kulu tour. Daily life on tour. Inspection of plantation at Changa Manga.
  • 20 letters, 14.4.26 – 18.6.28 of tours made with her husband in Kulu and Chakrata, and social life in Simla and Dehra Dun – Describes in detail countryside.
  • 4. 9.28. Letter from Harold Champion to his mother-in-law. Chakrata U.P. Description of Forestry Service work:
  • 1. Silviculture. Construction. Maintenance. Management.
  • 2. Forest Utilisation. Forest Economist, Botanist – Entomologist.
  • 10 letters relating to tours in Kashmir, Upper Bashahr, Sutlej Valleys, Rupin Pass etc., 29.10.29 – 14.6.30. From Lady Champion to her mother.
  • 11 letters describing camp life near Darjeeling, social life, car journey to Calcutta; touring U.P. 1932 – 1938.
  • 16 letters descriptive of life in India 14.3.38 – 18.12.38. Shooting crocodile and tiger, fishing, Christmas camp – Contrasts U.P. with Punjab.