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India general:

  1. Account of non-British Missionary establishments in India between 1924/39. MS by K.M. Mullan, Aldeburgh, 10 November 1972. 3pp.
  2. Letter from Sister M. Rosalind, Institutio Beata Maria Virginis, Casa Generalizia, Rome. General opinions of mission work under British Rule. lp. written 16 January 1973.
  3. Answers to Questionnaire about R.C. Missions in India by a Medical Mission Sister, 1932-1971. 3pp.
  4. Notes made at the Jesuit Archive, Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street, London, on their holdings relative to India.
  5. Booklet: Upon this Rock. 19pp. n.d. on Franciscan Mission in Bellary S. India.
  6. Booklet: Medical Mission Sisters. 1963. 15pp.
  7. Booklet: Medical Missionary Life. 1.970. 32pp.

See also: oral history interviews with Sister Ella Stewart and Father S. McGoldrick.