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Given by Mr. and Mrs. Phillips Talbot

India general: 1947

Copies of two letters addressed to Mr. Walter S. Rogers of the Institute of Current World Affairs in New York written by the donors plus a covering note at the moment of the British transfer of power to the new governments of Pakistan and India, August 1947.

  1. Mr. P. Talbot was reporter to the Chicago Daily News. He describes the Independence celebrations in Karachi and Delhi; difficulties of administrative partitioning; scenes as the Indian Constituent Assembly assumed authority; at Government House in Karachi; the swearing in of Lord Mountbatten as Governor General; the flag raising for the public by Jawarhal Nehru at Kingsway Plaza; scenes in Bombay; his own comment on (a) why the celebrations in Indian cities were so much more vociferous than in Karachi, (b) the cordiality demonstrated towards the British and particularly towards the Mountbattens and (c) the expression of Hindu Muslim cordiality during the Independence. celebrations. 11pp.
  2. Mrs Talbot gives her personal and detailed impressions in both Karachi and Delhi. 7pp.