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Roger O. Hicks

Small Collections Box 13


Xerox copies

  1. Two letters from Gandhi, 5 May 1940 and 9 October 1941.
  2. Account written. by Mr. Hicks as a basis for a B.B.C. interview marking the centenary of Gandhi’s birth. 13pp TS. Background of his first meeting with Gandhi in Cambridge 1931. Introduced by C.F. Andrews. In 1940, visited Gandhi in his Ashram in Sevagram, on invitation of Mahadev Desai, bringing messages from Tagore. Life in Ashram. Conversations with Gandhi: attitude to Lord Linlithgow: political differences with Nehru. Satyagraha. Anecdotes.
  3. Account of the first of Mr. Hicks’ many talks with Gandhi, in April 1940. Written immediately after the talk. About C.F. Andrews, Congress party, political solutions. 4pp. TS.