Bourne/Broadbent Family

Papers of:
1) Sir A.G. Bourne, Professor of Biology, Presidency College, Madras 1886; Director of Public Instruction, Madras 1903; Additional Member, Legislative Council 1903; Director of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
2) J.M. Bourne, a railway engineer in Madras Province 1903-1918.
3) H.M. Bourne, wife of J.M. Bourne. Includes a memoir, ‘It was like this’.
4) M.W. Broadbent, daughter of the above, worked in department of antiquities, Jerusalem before marriage in 1930.

Box 1 – Papers relating to the career of Sir Alfred Bourne; family letters from J.M. and H.M. Bourne; assorted papers and shikar diaries.

Box 2 – Papers relating to St. Giles’ Church, Rajamundry, and its centenary; memoir by Erica Farquharson; memoir by Mrs Hilda Bourne; Madras railway guide.

Box 3 – Copies of ‘It was like this’, memoir by Mrs Hilda Bourne.

Box 4 – Household management book belonging to Hilda Bourne; dance cards and invitations of Marjorie Bourne.

Box 5 – Letters from Hilda Bourne to her daughter, Marjorie, 1928, detailing domestic and social life.

Box 6 – Letters from George Broadbent over the course of his courtship with and engagement to Marjorie Bourne, 1929-30.

Box 7 – Letters from George Broadbent written during his engagement to Marjorie Bourne, 1930.

Box 8 – Letters to George and Marjorie Broadbent from family and friends, 1930s and 1940s.

Box 9 – Letters of congratulation to Marjorie Broadbent on the birth her daughter, Clare, in 1932.

Box 10 – Family letters received by the Broadbents; memorial and thanksgiving service programmes, 1945

Box 11 – Letters from Marjorie Broadbent to her mother, Hilda Bourne. Written from Jerusalem, Palestine, Egypt, 1925-1949.

Box 12 – Papers of the Jerusalem and the Middle East Mission, 1961-64; diaries and household books.