Archive / Papers / Bourne/Broadbent Family: Box 2


Folder 1:

  • Brochure: St. Giles’ Church Rajamundry Diamond Jubilee 30 April 1916 – April 1976. 14pp. Photographs. (includes silk commemorative bookmarker).
  • Three letters from Mr. Vernon Faraday, Lay Trustee and Preacher of St. Giles’ Church, Rajamundry to Mrs. Anne Radloff about the congregation and life of St. Giles.
  • Six letters from members of St. Giles’ Church Rajamundry, to Miss Bourne, about the Church in 1979/80.
  • Christmas card enclosing photographs of priests and deacons at ordination at St. Giles’ Church, Rajamundry. (1965 and 1967).
  • Signatures of all the congregation at St. Giles’ Church Rajamundry, 5 February 1978, sent to Mrs. Bourne on her 100th birthday.

Folder 2:

  • The Royal Engineers’ Journal December 1975 No. 4. Article: ‘Breakfast in Bangalore’ by Major G. Horne RE.
  • Newspaper cutting: Daily Telegraph n.d. A.L. Rowse: ‘Our century of humbug’; on attitudes to the Empire and liberalism in the 30s with particular reference to the Indian Empire, and E.M. Forster’s Passage to India.
  • TS Single sheet ‘Some Reflections of a Nursing Sister in India 1945/46’, by Ann Radloff, October 1980.

Folder 3:

  • TS by Erica Farquharson: ‘Indian Idyll.’ An account of extremely happy childhood memories of India. 35pp.

Folder 4:

  • 8 reproductions of watercolours by T.E. Brook, c. 1920

‘It was like this’, by Hilda Bourne, TS memoir of life in India 1903/1918. 221pp with appendices; bazaar list; list of things used by two men for ten days (with Railway available, without tents). Afternoon at home for about 50 to 60 people out of doors. Recipes for cider cup, ice-creams. Events for Skittle gymkhana. The memoir describes life of a railway engineer’s wife in the Madras Province, in great detail, as she followed him in his postings. Domestic and social and descriptive of all environments.

Illustrated Guide to the Madras Railway, compiled and illustrated by F. Dunsterville (the Company’s Chief Auditor) Madras, Higginbotham & Co. 1898. Photographs and text of places which can be visited from the Madras railway.