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Mr. and Mrs. S.G. Taylor

Small Collections Box 23

  1. ‘Bengal: 1942 to the takeover in 1947’, by S.G. Taylor, Inspector-General Police, Bengal. Written January 1969. TS 20 pp. (Given by Lady Tegart.) TS 20pp.
  2. ‘The terrorist movement in Bengal, 1930-34.’ Written March 1969. TS 16 pp.
  3. ‘Congress cum terrorist activities in Bengal in Midnapur District in 1930-31’ by F.W. Kidd, C.I.E., Indian Police (Retired). Written March 1969. TS 2 pp.
  4. ‘Communal tension in Bengal.’ TS 5 pp.
  5. ‘Murder in East Bengal.’ TS 2 pp.
  6. ‘Training of the police in Bengal’, written for Sir Percival Griffiths’ book on the Indian police requested by Sir Percival in 1968 or 1969. TS 10 pp.
  7. ’49th Bengal Regiment.’ TS 6 pp.
  8. Xerox copy of newspaper cuttings about use of fingerprint identification in Bengal.

Microfilm No. 24

  1. Alpachand shoot 1929; shooting trip to the Dooars February 1929; Gaumara, March 1929.
  2. TS copies of letters from Mrs. Taylor in Mymensingh and Baghmara 1932-34, home to England to her family. They are entirely personal and present a picture of family and social life. Amongst the letters was a TS copy of a paper addressed to Government on measures to prevent terrorist outrages and movements.  It is not signed, and undated.