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Given by Lt. Col. H.S. Stansfeld

Box 1

Papers of Henry Hamer Stansfeld, Ensign H.E.I.C.S. 13 December 1856; Lieutenant 19 November 1857, attached to the 10th Foot.

  1. Xerox copy of diary: 23 December 1857 – 17 March 1858. Not much apart from troop movements and skirmishes, and analysis, at the end, of the distances marched between the various destinations.
  2. Xerox copy of journal 15 October 1862 – 28 January 1864. Voyage to Calcutta (86 days); journey from Calcutta to Sialkot, and then to Rawalpindi. Addenda – list of property in large wooden case 28 October 1864 and a receipt [recipe] for Milk Punch and Athole Brose.
  3. Lecture notes by Captain C. Stansfeld: early history of Nepal (very sketchy); The Nepal Durbar – Nepal Government (very sketchy); some duties of the R.S.O. and Gurkha recruiting.

File 1

Lectures given at Staff College, Quetta, 1912:

  1. ‘The Origin of the Kingdom of Nepal and its inhabitants, together with a summary of its War Forces and Materiel’
  2. Nepal, Gurkhas and Gurkha recruiting.
  3. Newspaper cutting The Pioneer 26 November 1906 with article ‘Lord Kitchener on Nepal’.
  4. Blue print of rough map showing the approximate position of the H.Q. stations of the Tehsils in Nepal. Scale 1 inch to 32 miles, n.d.
  5. Map of Nepal, scale, 1inch : 32 miles, showing its Frontier, its Divisions, and the Tehsil divisions. Staff College, Quetta, 1912.
  6. ‘Map of the Dominions of the House of Gorkha’, – engraved by W.& D. Lizare, Edinburgh- scale, 1inch : 34 English miles, n.d.
  7. Notes on N.E. Frontier. 1907. 27 pp. plus 1 p.

File 2

  1. ‘The road to Rima; a short general report’, by Major C. Stansfeld (1/8th Gurkha Rifles) with a detailed road report, by Lt. H.R. Harington (1/8th Gurkha Rifles). Shillong, 31 March 1914.
  2. Inspection of Swat and Dir armies. TS. 4 pp. n.d.

Microfilm Box No.41

TS copies of letters written home 23 November 1856 – 5 November 1858.

Accounts of his own part, and news and comments on the conduct of the mutiny as a whole. From his voyage out on the S.S. Colombo and S.S. Bentinck. Fort William, Dinapore, Analy, Lucknow etc.