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Government of Burma. Evacuee Welfare and Rehabilitation Department. Bulletin No. 17. Simla, 9 February 1945. pp. 101-116.

Report of the Evacuee Welfare Officer, Northern Zone. November 1942 – December 1943. TS copy. 12 pp.

Six booklets on Burmese agriculture.

MS notebook, ‘Experiences in Burma’ – a talk to Men’s Fellowship, Maxwelltown West Church on 2 February 1961.

Folder containing TS copies and originals of letters etc. of various people who walked out of Burma. 9 items.

Supplement to the London Gazette of Friday 5 March 1948 published 11 March 1948 ? ‘Operations in Burma from 15 December 1941 – 20 May 1942’.

TS notes on the Agricultural College, Mandalay. 11 pp. and 1 supplementary page 15 February 1942 together with letter of acknowledgment from the Chief Secretary, Government of Burma in Simla.

Letter from John Clarke about report.

Curriculum vitae undated.

Letter from R.H.S. Healy to MacLean 25 February 1943.

Confidential letter and questionnaire from the Chief Secretary’s office, Government of Burma in Simla, 19 August 1942, about the civil side of the war in Burma.

Letter to Professor Beasley about examinations held in 1942.

TS note on the Agricultural College, Mandalay. 3 April 1944. 5 pp.

Notes on reconstruction of the Agricultural Department. November 1942. TS.

University of Rangoon. Courses leading to the Degree of B.Sc. (Agriculture) and other courses. TS. 15 pp.

‘Note on the teaching of agriculture in the University of Rangoon’, by A. Rhind, Economic Botanist. Burma, Simla, 12 April 1944. 9 pp.

Four packets of photographs; envelope of Burma newspaper cuttings; notebook of copies of letters about evacuation.

Three publications of the Department of Agriculture, Burma, printed March 1938: ‘Beans in Burma’; ‘Sesamum in Burma’; ‘Groundnuts in Burma’. 3 pp. each. Prototype – publication of the Imperial Institute, stories of Empire products.

Preliminary copy in MSS in two notebooks of MacLean’s biographical memoir, untitled, in two parts – Part I. ‘The principal’s story’; Part II. ‘A refugee continues’.

Two large photographs, one of planting rice and the other of harvesting sugarcane.

Journal of the United Service Institution of India. Vol. LXXII, No. 308. July 1942. Articles: ‘The start of the war in Burma’; ‘Burma: a new technique of warfare’.

Supplement to the London Gazette of Friday 30 March 1951 published 2 April 1951. ‘Operations in Assam and Burma from 23 June 1944-12 November 1944.’

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