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Given by Air Commodore CS Cadell

Small Collections Box 5

Xerox copies

  • An historic outline of the George Smith Bounty (Fordyce Academy), by Dr. A.A. Cormack, Aberdeen. February 1952. The interest of the pamphlet lies in the fact that the Bounty which started in 1801, financed bursaries at Fordyce Academy, Banff, the money being provided from George Smith’s trade and business in India, for the East India Company.
  • The Memorial (1811) of George Cadell, late Captain in the 12th Regiment Native Infantry, on the Madras Establishment, and late Town-Major of Seringapatam, to the Honourable the Court of Directors of the East India Company against a charge of ‘mutiny and sedition … which took place in the fort and garrison of Seringapatam, on and betwixt the 30th day of July last, and the 23rd following; during which period the garrison fired upon the troops of his Majesty those of the Company, and their ally the Rajah of Mysore, and seized on the public treasury … Fort St. George, 25 October 1809.’
  • Five letters to Colonel Cadell from the surgeon at Cannanore (Malabar District, Madras) and Seringapatam (Mysore District, Mysore) in 1837. The signature been cut out in each letter.
  • Cannanore, 19 March 1837. Insurrection in Coorg; troop movements round Mangalore.
  • Cannanore, 28 April 1837. Dewan Bapoo in skirmishes; liberates Dr. & Mrs. Palmer, captives of the rebels; further army skirmishes.
  • Cannanore, 5 May 1837. ‘The game of war in Canara is now over’ – consequences; discussion of tactics; mentions a Captain Lewin.
  • Seringapatam, 6 May 1837. Conflict between civil and military authority; consequence of insurrections; army gossip.
  • Cannanore, 18 May 1837. Incident of an officer killing a sepoy and striking, others; consequences; rebel bands still about.