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Papers of Colonel Walter Hugh Crichton, Indian Medical Service. Colonel Crichton joined the I.M.S. in December 1924. During 1930 he left the military cadre of the Service to become agency surgeon in Siestan. In February 1933 he was appointed agency surgeon in Kurram, north Waziristan. During this posting he was attacked by a religious fanatic with an axe. In 1934 Crichton was appointed health officer in Simla while in 1936 he became a health officer in Delhi. During the second world war Crichton served with Indian forces overseas. Between 1945 and 1947 he was director of public health in Bihar.

Given by Mrs M. Romer.

  1. 1929 Pamphlet. Regulations of the Indian Military Widows’ and Orphans’ Fund. H.M.S.O. 27 pp.
  2. Rules of the Untransferred Section of the Indian Military Widows’ and Orphans’ Fund. 20 pp.
  3. 1931 Bank Receipt for Deed Poll.
  4. 1932 Telegram of regret from Political Agent relating to attack on Colonel Crichton.
  5. 1932 News cuttings giving account of attack on Colonel Crichton.
  6. 1934 Congratulatory letter on Honour conferred on Crichton from Secretary of Punjab Temperance Federation (photocopy).
  7. 1935 Press photograph. Lady Willingdon with W.H. Crichton, Administrator of Infants Welfare Centre, Simla.
  8. Press photograph of the Viceroy at Health Department of Simla Municipal Committee.
  9. 1935 Card accompanying Silver Jubilee Medal.
  10. 1935 Annual Confidential Report on Colonel Crichton, I.M.S. Health Officer, Simla.
  11. 1932-36 Programmes and newscuttings on Simla A.D.C.
  12. Pictorial Map of Kurram Valley.
  13. Sketch of a Pathan.
  14. 1936 Copies of 2 items from Hindustani Times on Colonel Crichton’s appointment as Assistant Director of Public Health, Delhi. Abusive.
  15. 1937 Resolution of New Delhi Municipal Committee thanking H.W. Crichton, with accompanying letter.
  16. Pamphlet. Helpful Hints for Householders. 8 pp.
  17. Death threat following vigorous health regulations.
  18. 1937 Card accompanying Coronation Medal.
  19. 1938 Letters to Child Welfare Centre, Delhi, requesting contraceptive advice.
  20. Press photograph of H.E. the Marchioness of Linlithgow at the Najafgarh Health Unit.
  21. 1941 Congratulatory telegram from Lady Linlithgow on award of C.I.E.
  22. 1941 Letter from Viceroy on award of C.I.E.
  23. 1941 Letter from Sanitary Inspector on award of C.I.E.
  24. 1941 Resolution expressing appreciation from Area Committee:
  25. 1941 Farewell Address on silk.
  26. 1941 Copy of Address.
  27. 1945 or 46 Illingworth Cartoon on Renunciation of British Sovereignty.
  28. 1948 Service and Confidential Reports with Memo.
  29. 1980 Item from Daily Telegraph on rickshaws with description of new ‘Crickshaw’ introduced 1935-1936.
  30. 1984 Obituary from The Lancet.
  31. 1934 Menu. Students Dinner at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
  32. 1958, 1960 Lists of officers at I.M.S. Dinner Club, London.
  33. Sketch of a Syrian.
  34. Cartoon from The Sketch of 1 November 1933 by Crit.