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Given by Major J.A. Forsythe.

Ceylon 1860-1933

A short history of the Eagle Troop, R.H.A. 1955 (Amended by Major Forsythe). 40pp.

Principal events and actions fought by “N” Battery (The Eagle Troop) 1817-1967. Printed single sheet.

Memoirs of William Forsythe 1860-1933

A series of newspaper articles from The Times Of Ceylon, 10-13 February 1937, by Mr. William Forsythe (1859-1933) a coffee and tea-planter in Ceylon from 1877. Introduction of tea and. rubber growing ?

descriptive comments. Failure of the coffee plantations and take-over by tea. Biographical sketches of individual planters and others at the time. Memories of Sir Arthur Gordon and Sir Solomon Dias Bandaranaike, Fred. J. Wright – etc.

Original advertisement of Andrew Forsythe’s household furniture on his removal from Belfast to England in 1867.