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Given by Lt. Colonel D. Gray (Skinner’s Horse)

    1. Xerox of TS ‘The Story of Our Escape from Delhi in May 1857’, from personal narrations by the late George Wagentreiber and Miss Haldane, by Miss Wagentreiber. Delhi Imperial Medical Hall Press, 1894. 21pp.
    2. ‘Pig sticking’ by D. Gray, reprinted from The Horse. n.d. 4pp.
    3. ‘Pig sticking’ by D. Gray. 4pp.
    4. February 1980. ‘To India with horses again’. Article by Douglas Gray. 6pp.
    5. Xerox TS ‘Thirty Years Ago’ by D. Gray. 2pp. The end of a Mounted Regiment (Skinner’s Horse). n.d.
    6. ‘The Indian Army’ by Field Marshal Lord Slim. 6pp. Broadcast given. 1947.
    7. Questionnaire on ‘Indian soldiers in World War II’ compiled by Prof. DeWitt Ellinwood, answers by Lt. Colonel Douglas Gray. 12 August 1980.
    8. Offprint from the Cavalry Journal ‘Fathers of the Indian Cavalry’: James Skinner, by Col. H.W. Pearse. n.d. pp.287-294

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