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(D.J. Kinloch)

Given by Dr. S. and Miss I. Macpherson

Microfilm No. 17

1845-54. List of dates of appointment’s and movements during Kinloch’s service in India in the Artillery and his leave in Scotland in 1846 after only a year in India and after he had been ill; various letters and lists of the cost of his horses and their winnings; accounts for clothes etc.; a method of measuring distances dated 1822.

His first entry in his journal is dated 29 December 1848 on leaving Bombay by boat for Karachi, and the journal begins with his march to Schickarpore [Shikarpur] which took fifty-five days: he describes the journey in detail, giving dates, distances covered, birds, animals, and the scenery on the trip, and people and politics; day to day life at Schickarpore; cholera in the Cantonment; Brigadier Douglas dies and leaves his fortune to Kinloch who becomes very ill and is taken to Bombay [Mumbai] leaving Schickarpore on 4 November 1849, arriving Bombay 3 December; 20 February to Mahableshawar. Some pages have been torn out here, and there are several pages of poetry. 27 February 1853 to Poona [Pune]; details of racing at Poona and amounts won on horses and those bought and sold; various marches and camps; prescriptions for cholera; October 1855 ill again; five pages headed ‘Geological notes’ and dated 17 April 1848; newspaper cutting relating to racing at Poona; lists of horses; lists of dates of Kinloch’s service; list of birthdays of children (?); expenses of entering the 4th Artillery; poems; some odd pages of MS.