Mainprice Papers

F.P. Mainprice, I.C.S. Assistant Commissioner, Central Provinces 1938; Indian Political Service 1942 serving in Eastern State Agency; British trade agent, Gyantse 1942; Assistant Political Agent, Gilgit until August 1947; worked for Government of Pakistan 1948-49.
4 Boxes, 1936-49.

Box 1: Mss. Diaries, 1936-1949. Covers travel in Europe and over-land journey to India; work in I.C.S, largely in North West and later in Pakistan

Box 2: Extracts from diaries, tour notes, letters, etc. Largely from Kashmir and Afghanistan

Box 3: Extracts from tour notes, reports, letters and newspapers. Covers conflict in Kashmir and travels in Lohit Valley and Assam

Box 4: Papers and articles relating to Kasmir and Gilgit, 1947-49