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Donated by F.P. Mainprice

Assorted papers, articles and research notes, mostly on Kashmir and the conflict between India and Pakistan:

  • ‘ Naya Kashmir Zindabad. Freedom Week celebrations programme’, programme of events for celebrations, 7-12 May, 1948.
  • Members of the Council of Ministers, Azad J&K Government and Secretaries and Heads of Departments, TS, 1p.
  • Pamphlet, ‘Kashmir at a glance’, 4pp.
  • ‘Contrast between Gilgit Agency and Kashmir State’, TS article, n.d., 6pp.
  • ‘United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan: its investigation of the facts of the dispute in the state of Jammu and Kashmir’ TS commetnary, n.d., 9pp.
  • ‘Fifty salient points in the Kashmir dispute. First phase: June 3rd to October 26th 1947’, TS article, n.d., 9pp. (two copies)
  • ‘Valley of Kashmir’, TS article, n.d., 4pp. (five copies)
  • Series of reports on broadcasts, Monitoring section of the Public Relations Directorate, Government of Pakistan, 1949.
  • Letter, 30.4.1949, Gilgit Transport Co., offering services in delivering necessities in Gilgit.
  • ‘Skardu, India’s Tobruk in Northern Kashmir’, TS article, published in Blitz, July 23 1949.
  • ‘Pakistan is a strong and stable state, and Kashmir is part of the North West Frontier of the Sub-Continent, which this strong state of Pakistan guards’,  TS text for a presentation (?), n.d.
  • ‘Why satyagraha in Jammu? The case of the Praja Parishad’, TS text for pamphlet, n.d., 7pp.
  • ‘Inter-Dominion canal dispute: India’s intransigent attitude’, TS article for publication in Dawn, 25.10.1949.
  • ‘India’s lust for conquest of Kashmir may cause world war’, TS version of article by M.N. Roy,  The Radical Humanist, 2.10.1949.
  • TS untitled article about resistance to Indian rule in Kashmir, 1948.
  • Letter and account of Mainprice’s forced expulsion from Kashmir, September 1948.
  • TS report: ‘Secretariat of the Minister without Portfolio. Gujarat-based L. of C. areas, Central and Eastern Bhimbar Tehsil’, n.d., 4pp.
  • TS article, ‘Kashmir till the creation of Pakistan in 1947’, n.d., 67pp.
  • TS article, ‘The problem of the six frightened girls: a true tale from Kashmir’, by G.Ward Price for The Sunday Despatch, 8.5.1949.
  • TS and MS article, ‘Orogons and development of the Azad movement in Mirpur District’, n.d.
  • TS article, ‘Jhelum-based L. of C.  areas: Kotli, Mirpur and West Bhimbar Tehsil’, n.d., 3pp.
  • Assorted MS notes and research reports.
  • TS article, ‘Steps towards the downfall of the Dogra state’, n.d., 11pp.
  • TS article, ‘Kargil campaign, 1948. The destruction of India’s “Z” Brigade’, published in Dawn, 21.9.1948.
  • TS diary of events in Jammu and Kashmir State, 1947-1949
  • ‘Kashmir’, paper read before a joint meeting of the East India Association (India, Pakistan and Burma) and the Over-seas League, at Over-Seas House, 27.10.1948, by General Sir Frank Messervy.
  • TS article, ‘Ethnographic notes on the tribes of the Subansiri region’, n.d.
  • TS article, ‘An appreciation of the kashmir situation and some suggestions on improving it’, 1949.
  • Seven letters to F.P. Mainprice
  • Receipts for share and stock holdings.
  • The New Kashmir, 26.4.1948
  • The New Kashmir, 8.5.1948
  • Khidmat, 28.4. (1948?)