Archive / Papers / Mainprice Papers: Box 3


Extracts from diaries, tour notes, letters, etc.

  • A diary of a three-week holiday in Kashmir, July 15 – August 7 1948. (typed) 30pp.
  • Diaries (typed) of F.P. Mainprice and an article on Afghan journey.
  • Envelope containing reports on Morsi Aboriginals and letters concerning these reports.
  • Envelope containing typed notes on Gilgit Agency 10 October 1947 and a letter to his mother dated 24 October 1947 – 8 November 1947.
  • Bound, handwritten diary entries, letters, hand drawn maps, printed maps, notes, entitled ‘Lohit Valley’ from 1946.
  • By Car to India, from the diary of F.P. Mainprice I.C.S. 1938, bound. Also contains diary entries from 1945 and 1947 etc., and copies of a report on ‘The Mishmis of the Lohit Valley’.
  • Bound plan of book ‘In Asia’s Heart: travels in Central Asia abridged from the diary of F.P. Mainprice I.C.S. 1943-1947’. Contains a list of photographs intended to illustrate the text.