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Given by Mr Basil Labouchardière. Indian Police 1936-47.

  1. Roll of Indian Police officers, 1861-1947 – An Indian Police Obituary. 9 ff. ISBN No. 0 9510582 0 7. Xerox copy of typescript. Gives following details of 1711 officers of the Indian Police (of rank of Assistant Superintendent and above): Surname and initials of first names. Honours and decorations held. Province(s) in which served. Years in which service began and ended.
  2. Typescript note by Mr La Bouchardière on ‘The Indian Police from 1861 to 1947’. The account is in five sections:
    1. A brief history, including recruitment and training of the service.
    2. A Chronology of the main police events between 1861 and 1947.
    3. Examples of the nature of the job:
      • Collating criminal intelligence.
      • Dealing with riots.
      • Political intelligence work.
      • Combating terrorism in Bengal in the 1930s.
    4. Political events:
      • The Cripps Mission 1942.
      • The British Cabinet Mission 1946.
      • The Partition Plan 1947.
    5. For Gallantry.