Rice Papers

Papers of:

(1) Benjamin Rice. Born 1814; sent to Bangalore by London Missionary Society; Memoir: Benjamin Rice or Fifty Years in the Master’s Service by Edmund P. Rice (son). 192pp.

(2) B. Lewis Rice. Son of Benjamin Rice; Principal, Bangalore High School 1860; Director of Public Instruction, Mysore. Autobiographical notes.
72pp. (Previously listed as Bevan, S. Papers.)

(3) Mrs Mary Sophia Rice. Married to B. Lewis Rice. My Memoirs. 62pp, microfilm.

Box 1 – Biography of Benjamin Rice and B. Lewis Rice; genealogies and family history; church and mission station histories.

Box 2 – Genealogies and accounts of family history research.

Box 3 – Theological texts; biographical accounts of B.L. Rice; history and gazetteers of Mysore.