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Small Collections Box 22

Given by Brigadier I.M. Stewart

A. Stewart (Brigadier I.M. Stewart’s grandfather) was born in 1809 and went to India c. 1832:

  1. File of MSS copies of letters concerning the Customs House shroff, frauds in the Broach Customs House by false returns by Sir Carcoon, and the undue influence over him and the Customs Treasury by an outsider, Merwanjee, all brought to light by Mr. A. Stewart. 32pp. Four letters from 1840:
    • To A. Stewart, Assistant Collector of Continental Customs and Excise, from J. Vibart, Revenue Commissioner;
    • To L. R. Reid, Chief Secretary of Territorial Department Revenue, Bombay, from J. Vibart;
    • To J. Vibart from L. R. Reid;
    • To J. H. Kelly, Collector of Continental Customs and Excise from J. Vibart.
  2. File of MSS copies of letters and associated papers with regard to grievances of the Grassias of Dholera against the Government over a share claimed by them in the revenues from the port of Dholera and certain villages ceded by their forefathers to the Government in 1806. 38pp.
    • Very long letter from A. Stewart, Deputy Commissioner of Customs, Salt and Opium, Surat, to Richard Spooner, Commissioner of Customs Salt and Opium, 16 October 1857, explaining the situation.
    • Copies of two letters
    • The articles of agreement, 1852.
    • Assurances to the Grassias by the court of Major Walker, the Hon’ble Company.
    • Statement made by representatives of the Grassias before the Deputy Commissioner of Customs, Salt and Opium, regarding the land acquisition.
    • Translation of an extract of that statement.
    • Copy of an agreement that Gellah Thama be appointed Patel of Bhorra Tollow village, and the conditions. 19 May 1811.
    • A sketch map of Dholera and its dependent villages.
    • Statement showing the gross and net revenue of the eight villages from 1836-56.
    • Copy of extract from “Ras Mala” (or Hindu Annals) of the Province of Guzrat in W. India by A.K. Forbes of the Hon’ble East India Company’s Civil Service in 1856; chapter VII, pages 75 – 77, “The Choorasumas of Dholera. The Gohils”.